Building a website is easy.  Almost anyone can do it and make it look very pretty. However, it could be as useful as dressing a pig in a skirt. A complete waste of time !

What makes us a little bit different is that we look at your complete business.

Its capabilities, strengths, weaknesses (yes the SWOT analysis but with a few differences), your customers and the market.  Your current route to market and so on.  The type of work that you should have done yourself but are too close to the business.


After our appraisal, we will advise you of the cost efficient routes, then together produce a strategy with steps and expected cost.

Then we get on with the work, which may include :

  • Customer and email database cleanup
  • email marketing programme
  • Newsletter production
  • Facebook updating
  • Google business
  • Website design and production
  • Customer database control
  • General Public/Trade Show stand design
  • General Public/Trade Show support and sales support
  • Integration of the above into a targeted annual programme