CITY Vision has a way of looking at businesses.  It may not be unique, however, our experiences are, having been involved in many firsts, from conception through to sales.

All too often we hear of people buying cheap only to be caught later down the track from one of many events.  Hidden/extortionate costs to make changes, inability to deliver the ‘product’ (look at the NHS patient information system and the cost overrun).

ever workingThey say that only one in five I.T. projects is successful.  That is not our experience. We have never ever been involved with a failed project. Working at companies ranging from Logica, Philips, NatWest Bank, through to small startups based in the UK, USA and Australia.

The Website is only a front for your business or organisation, however, it is important, as it reflects upon you and the way you do business.

It is vital that if you have social links then the media (FaceBook, Twitter etc.) must be kept current otherwise don’t go there.

Keeping in contact with your customers is all too often overlooked.  There is no need to continually sell to them,  this can become annoying and you run the risk of losing them entirely.

What we do for you is to find out what you really need and help you along the way. This can involve almost anything within the business, from HR issues through to house style, from succession planning to business plans.